• Now This Really IS Fiction…
    Sunday, 14/05/2017

    This really IS fiction – just like observation and then thought-experiment… and I need to look up some of that observational stuff to find out if it’s botanically accurate…
    There’s a sign on the side of the pub, adjacent to my block, that asks people to leave quietly out of consideration for their neighbours. Unfortunately it’s positioned to be directed at me, the resident – insisting I show some respect to the warbling karaoke singers, fist-fighting gristleheads and loud swaying drunkmen.
    If one heads in the other direction though, away from the pub and the main road beyond, the city starts to pixelate into patches of nature. Money falls away by degree and the commerce that persists grows gradually weaker… Because now we see… not the genuine blooms of industry – no… these are more like… just weeds… There on the left for example, a cafe that’s not real –

  • PBN 3…
    Wednesday, 3/05/2017

    PBN Perspective, Episode 3. Can hardly believe the fur thing – very frightening to think that’s the kind of world we live in…

  • Sta-Gro…
    Sunday, 9/04/2017

    Stanislav Grof’s holotropic breath work is a fairly eventful adventure. It seems earo move the mind into this language of archetypes that’s its default when dealing with high level, abstract concepts… Though know this – the effect on the body is as strong as quite strenuous exercise so I wouldn’t advise it for anyone who had, say a heart issue… F’real! Who knows what I would have learned if I hadn’t fallen asleep halfway through my session… Although it wasn’t quite sleep…
    The St. Andrews Picture House – a Victorian tiled foyer with frighteningly high ceilings, like in my house, round the corner. I’m there with two friends from the new high school, though our communication is limited due to their water helmets. Whilst their lungs need the fluid, I take the air much more easily than water which is sad because it means I’m not hooked up

  • Abstract Thought #2
    Saturday, 8/04/2017

    Andy Warhol’s prediction now seems accurate in it’s projection that every one of us would seek fame (of course we would, the fame of others took the attention of our parents and friends away from us in childhood) – but it doesn’t extend to the fact that the elevation of mass produced attention over intimacy has led to quite another phenomenon altogether – our attempts in completely the WRONG direction for what was once commonplace – 15 minutes of love. 15 minutes of being known and being truly accepted. Will everybody get that? Almost certainly not – in part because they won’t have the luxury of knowing themselves.
    Just as fame was the new love, love will become the new fame…
    But this future commercial interest will only create a crude adumbration of its true, former glory. Our capacity for amnesia can’t be easily measured because its history is necessarily obscured but

  • PBN 2
    Friday, 31/03/2017
    PBN Perspective Volume 2 – support Plant Based News if you’re so inclined, they’re such genuine, talented people! A rare life raft of disciplined, well organised effort amidst all the anarchy that non conformist vegans tend to attract… You know what I mean – when you meet people sometimes and think – they’re working with such intent, that whatever they need, we must definitely give it to them!

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